“Shock Protection”: Barretts Give to Families in Crisis

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“Shock Protection”: Barretts Give to Families in Crisis

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Glenn Barrett
Midge and Glenn Barrett, joined by their family.

Glenn Barrett and his wife Midge recently donated $500,000 to Two Ten to provide special emergency funds that will help up to 20 footwear families facing extreme financial hardship each year, in perpetuity.

We got a few minutes to chat with Glenn (Chairman and CEO of OrthoLite) and Midge about their generous donation and why they felt it was so important to support the footwear industry.

Q: Why do you give to Two Ten?
A: Frankly, Two Ten was the first place we thought of when we decided it was time to increase our family philanthropy. There are so many problems that people are faced with – homelessness, family violence, catastrophic diseases – we know that Two Ten helps families face all of these challenges. This is a gift that comes from the heart. We also love the concept of shoepeople helping shoepeople. Along those lines, OrthoLite also supports Level Field Fund, which is a fund where athletes help other athletes.

Q: Why should others support Two Ten?

call out quote barrett 3A: Many of us have been fortunate. Where else can you give back to the industry that made you successful? I’d offer up a challenge to others in the industry: it’s time for you to graduate and put your philanthropic mark on our industry.

Q: What will your gift accomplish?
A: Life can be jarring. Two Ten hears every single day from people who are facing unexpected crises such as a cancer diagnosis or a home destroyed by a flood or a fire. Our endowed gift will enable 20 additional families each year in perpetuity to get financial help during times of crisis. Similar to OrthoLite’s insoles, that financial assistance is a source of comfort that provides “shock protection” to these families.

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