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Well we did it team ! 

7 days and 12 hours. LA to Maryland. An incredible experience that we will never forget. All back safe and sound, exhausted, but feeling humbled and a great sense of achievement.

Jonathan Frankel ALDO Shoes
Jonathan Frankel, Vice President of Wholesale, ALDO Product Services

The first 3 days were over 110 degrees in the deserts. 95 at night. It was like someone holding a hairdryer in your face for the whole time. The plains were windy as hell and a few major highway rides we won’t share with our loved ones (70mph trucks rolling by…)

The riders were divided into riding pairs, and each pair rode for shifts of 6-8hours, always having someone from that pair on the road at one time. It was up to each pair how you divided the 8 hours up between them. You learned quickly to work together and support each other when needed.

Returning to reality, the legs are feeling good – which means we prepared well. The mind is tired (so be gentle on me for this week;)

The Crew / Volunteers are the true heroes of this story. In many ways like at APS. Without the contribution of everyone to make sure the other succeeded, we would not have finished.

Once in your lifetime I encourage you to tackle something that pushes your limits and allows you to realize you truly can accomplish anything. Your greatest gift is in your hands – make each day count.


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