ALDO RAAM. 7 days and 12 hours. LA to Maryland.

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ALDO RAAM. 7 days and 12 hours. LA to Maryland.

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Raam rotating banner 6.282That’s a wrap! Team ALDO officially crossed the finish line for the 2016 Race Across America at 3:25 a.m. (DST) on Sunday, June 26.

During the last leg, the racers and crew encountered a few bumps in the road. From vehicle malfunctions to emotional moments to overall exhaustion, the feat was nothing short of extraordinary.

The team’s RV got a flat in Indiana, forcing crew chief Christopher Hendriks to stay behind. It turned out that the RV had further problems and couldn’t continue on. Chris nearly didn’t make the finish, but in the end was able to catch up to the team in a rented U-Haul!

All in all, our racers and crew came together to kick it into high gear for the last stretch of the race, proudly finishing the Race Across America!


1. Team ALDO finished the race in 7 days, 12 hours and 22 minutes.

2. After having to abandon the RV due to a flat tire, the crew had to scramble to make lunches for 13 people in just 45 minutes

3. In West Virginia, the entire team shared one hotel room in alternating shifts

4. After finishing the race, the team and crew caught just three hours of sleep before packing up and heading back to Montreal.

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