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Two Ten Through The Decades

The 1930’s

Two Ten was founded in 1939 in the leather district in Boston, Massachusetts – the birthplace of the shoe industry in the United States and the greatest concentration of footwear manufacturers, companies and workers.  During the great depression many jobs were lost, and shoe industry was were not immune.  A group of local shoepeople gathered together every Wednesday to share stories and cigars, and pass a hat to contribute some of their meager earnings with whosever family was most in need that week.

This simple act of kindness, compassion and caring for community eventually inspired the development of a small organization dedicated solely to helping shoepeople in need.  Setting up at 210 Lincoln Street, from which organization would take its name, A.A. Bloom, Abe Borkowitz, Morris Rosenston and Al Schachat founded the Two Ten Footwear Foundation.


two ten history 1930's


The 1940’s

The Two Ten Footwear Foundation grew rapidly during its first 10 years.  The annual Banquets and bi-annual golf tournaments were raising awareness throughout the industry, and in 1945 Two Ten became a national organization.

Two Ten began supporting the industry through emergency financial relief for everything from hospital bills, to missed mortagage payments, to funeral expenses, utility payments and other necessary expenses.  Two Ten also started an initiative with the Red Cross, paying for a Mobile Canteen to help reach the Boston shoe community door to door as an alternative to a check.




The 1950’s

Two Ten Footwear Foundation evolved the Mobile Canteen initative into a bigger program.  During the decade the vehicle traveled more than 100,000 miles and answered approximately 1,000 emergency calls including fire alarms, explosions, hurricanes and floods.

With the new restructuring the Foundation added on the role of providing meals at the vehicle during disasters.  Two Ten was growing into more than just an emergency relief non-profit – it was becoming a lifeline during the most pressing need.



two ten history disaster truck

The 1960’s

The 1960’s were a turbulent time in the United States, and Two Ten continued to expand its services to support the footwear community.  To meet changing needs, Two Ten increased counseling services and outreach; however it became apparent that emergency relief and counseling weren’t enough in the  rapidly shifting landscape of the nation.  In 1969, on the brink of war with Vietnam, the Foundation launched a Scholarship Program.


two ten scholars

The 1970’s

The Two Ten Scholarship program started revving it’s enginges as it rolled into 1970.  The first year Two Ten offered 20 scholarships, and by the end of the decade 170 scholarships had been awarded to industry employees who wanted to advance themselves, and to the the sons and daughters of shoe industry employees.  By making higher education more affordable, Two Ten was helping develop a more educated workforce.


two ten history scholarship

The 1980’s

Two Ten Footwear Foundation continued to strengthen the footwear community by expanding support services.  During the AIDS epidemic that swept the U.S, Two Ten developed and distributed education resources nationwide to corporations, shoe stores and warehouses to provide the industry with information on the virus — information that wasn’t being offered under the Reagan Administration yet.

Two Ten also provided counseling and referrels to those affected by the disease, underscoring the sensitivity, relevance and dedication to the footwear community.


two ten history AIDS

The 1990’s

Since its founding, Two Ten Footwear Foundation focused exclusively on employees of the U.S footwear industry.  In the early 1990’s, the international footwear community reached out for help and Two Ten responded.

Launching a trial Two Ten International program, the emergency financial services assisted shoepeople in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Canada.  Complications in dealing with multiple international communities, cultures, and policies made the efforts too difficult and Two Ten turned its focus back to the United States.

The 2000’s

The Two Ten Footwear Foundation scholarship program continued to grow through generous donations and successful fundraising, and Two Ten evolved its scholarship opportunities to meet the greater needs of the industry.

In addition to offering standard higher-education scholarships, Two Ten added a professional development scholarship by partnering with the industry-leading design school Arsutoria.  This not only increased opportunity for advancement within the industry, but also began to establishTwo Ten within the design community.


two ten arsutoria

The 2010’s

The last decade has brought many new initiatives designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry and its workforce.  In addition to offering emergency financial support, natural disaster recovery, counseling services and scholarships to footwear employees and their families,  Two Ten Footwear Foundation has become the epicenter of the footwear industry by providing the programs and professional support required to continually inspire and advance our workforce.  Today the Foundation engages and unites the footwear community through events, professional groups, volunteer programs and more.

What was once the annual Banquet in the 1940’s has become the Two Ten Annual VIP Dinner & Gala –an evening of philanthropy and entertainment for 1,500 of the industry’s most influential leaders and biggest Two Ten supporters to raise more than $3.5 million for footwear families in need.

Four golf tournaments per year bring together dozens of golfers and non-golfers alike from across the industry to engage in some friendly competition while raising money for Two Ten.

The Two Ten Women In Footwear Industry (WIFI) actively connects and inspires the industry’s most influential women and next generation leaders through mentoring, educational programs, seminars and special events.

Footwear Cares is a year-round, nation-wide community service movement that actively engages the entire workforce in volunteer activities that not only unite footwear employees across companies, but affects change in the communities where they live and work.

And the newly formed Two Ten Associate Board is a group of the industry’s next generation of leaders from across the U.S. who work together to support the mission of Two Ten Footwear Foundation and ensure the continuation of its 78-year legacy.