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5 of the Best Phone Apps for College Kids

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The expectations of staying organized both academically and personally in college are handed off to you after zero preparation from high school.  You might be well versed in the Pythagorean Theorem, but were never taught how to manage your finances or identify and handle your anxiety.  Thankfully now your smartphone has hundreds of apps dedicated to making your life a little easier.

Here are five apps you shouldn’t live without.

  1. Mint is an easy to use, personal financial manager.  While you’re on the go between classes and the library, it will monitor your spending, help you meet your financial goals and keep you on track with all of you loan and credit card payments.  It’s a must have during your busy undergraduate life.
  2. Sworkit Exercise is just as important for mental health as it is for physical health.  With your busy schedule it’s hard to get in a full 30 minutes, and that’s where Sworkit comes in.  An app that plays videos to your schedule, you can get your heart rate up for a quick five minutes to get the endorphins in your system.
  3. Headspace Between the academic pressure and the new social setting, the undergraduate experience can be overwhelming.  Anxiety can build and infiltrate all aspects of your life, from your sleep, to your posture, to your memory retention.  It’s important to dedicate a little time to take a break from it all and breathe.  Headspace is a great meditation app that forces you to take 5 or 10 minutes from your day to just breathe and be by yourself.  Stick with it, it’s long term effects are amazing.
  4. LiveSafe is an app that connects you to your safety officials nearby, either police or campus security, through discreet two-way communication.  With late nights in the library, this app can allow you to share your location with your friends, report suspicious activity, or upload pictures and videos to ensure that your safety is the number one priority.
  5. allows you to balance your multitude of tasks and assignments in one, easy to use, to-do-list.  Easy to re-prioritize, or add new items, this app helps you keep track of all the new assignments, meetings, and the laundry you keep putting off, so you can stay organized.