10 Pieces of Advice from Teri Bariquit of Nordstrom

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10 Pieces of Advice from Teri Bariquit of Nordstrom

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Two Ten WIFI hosted our very first WIFI Seattle event with over 75 participants! This is a testament to the power of women in our industry to come together and make things happen.

A very special thank you to Teri Bariquit, Executive VP of Nordstrom Merchandising Group, for speaking to the group. Teri gave us 10 pieces of advice that we thought were worth sharing:

  1. Make time on the calendar for reflection and to be retrospective….it’s how we learn, grow and celebrate!
  2. Operate with “I get to” vs “I have to”…It’s a much more effective and enjoyable attitude.
  3. Live a healthy lifestyle and make good choices that take care physically, emotionally, mentally.
  4. Don’t walk a straight line – there’s so much to learn on the journey and sometimes when we turn left we discover something new and powerful.
  5. Be agile and adaptable learners –try new things, get uncomfortable, take on new challenges, question conventional thinking.
  6. Listen.  Really listen.  Solving problems includes understanding today and understanding the vision or desire. Listening helps unlock this understanding.  Listening allows us to coach, guide 16309684933_c9da0d9449_zand teach to the goal. It’s a powerful mechanism to effect change.
  7. Lead with a balance of empowerment and guardrails – we want to try and fail fast, but we don’t want to lose it all in the process.
  8. Be directionally correct vs precisely wrong.
  9. Operate with an authentic commitment to your legacy.
  10. Remember “you are perfect and whole as you are.”

Click here to see photos of the event.

Thank you to Nordstrom and NST for their sponsorship of Two Ten WIFI NW. Thank you to Dolce Vita for their support in providing the space!

Thank you to Brown, New Balance and The NPD Group as always for their sponsorship of WIFI. Thank you as well to Tina Aldatz for donating a portion of proceeds from her book From Stilettos to the Stock Exchange to Two Ten.

Want to get involved with WIFI? Contact Kirsten Nelson at knelson@twoten.org.

To view more video clips click here.

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